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Space Medicine Associates, Inc. Phil Harris


Phil Harris, Ph.D.
La Jolla, California

Philip Robert Harris is a management/space psychologist, as well as a prolific author and futurist.  He is president of Harris International, Ltd. in La Jolla, California, founded in 1971 as a global management consultancy for  human resource and organization development.  A former college and corporate vice president, presently in retirement, Dr. Harris is a Visiting Professor in the California School of International Management. He received his Ph.D. and M. S. in psychology from Fordham University, and a B. B. A. in business from St. John’s University.  In 1959, he was licensed as a psychologist by the Education Department  of  the University of the State of New York.  He is also a GS15 Federal Consultant. His biography is listed in many directories (e.g., Who’s Who in America and The Writer’s Directory).

For the past fifty years, this behavioral scientist has been engaged in  HR leadership development, focusing his research and services on change, culture, communication, and management.  Dr. Harris has edited three journals, published over 250 articles,  authored or edited some 45 books.  Currently, he is writing  Space Enterprise – Living and Working Offworld, having just completed Future Possibilities – Toward Human Emergence.  In 2005, Human Resource Development Press published his Managing the Knowledge Culture, and previously his 3 volume, New Work Culture Series.

In 2007, the seventh edition of  his classic, Managing Cultural Differences  was released by Elsevier Science.  Adopted as a text in over 200 universities and colleges worldwide, it is the parent of  some 12 supplementary titles in the MCD Series.  Phil, as he is known to colleagues. also co-authored the fourth edition of  Multicultural Law Enforcement, recently published by Prentice Hall.  In his work as a space psychologist, he has authored a professional book, Living and Working in Space, as well as a science-based novel, Launch Out  (both available from Univelt).  His books are available at  For the past ten years, Phil had been a member of the editorial advisory board for the European Business Review in England.

In his multifaceted career, this international consultant has served more than 200 systems, including multinational corporation, government agencies, military units,  professional associations, and educational institutions. As an educator, he has been a secondary school guidance director; vice president of St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y.; visiting professor at The Pennsylvania State University and Temple University, as well as lecturer at numerous universities worldwide. The latter  included Michigan State University, University of California-San Diego, Pepperdine University, University of  Strathclyde in Scotland, Sophia University in Japan, and the East-West Center in Hawaii.  Dr. Harris has been recipient of numerous awards and grants, such as from the U. S. Office of Naval Research, Fulbright Professor to India, NASA Faculty Fellow, NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science Fellow, and AIAA Associate Fellow  He has been producer of major media projects (e.g., for NBC/Sunday Today Show; Westinghouse Learning , and the U. S. Marine Corps).