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Space Medicine Associates, Inc. John M. Vieira



John M. Vieira

Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

LinkedIn Profile

With over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including sales and marketing in global and local markets as well as healthcare agency roles –John Vieira has a broad perspective on the changing environment in pharmaceutical marketing. His most recent role is that of Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy Edoxaban at Daiichi Sankyo, Inc .

John’s work has included leading sales and marketing teams in the US and Canada as well as global operations. He has also worked on several significant product launches across several therapeutic areas with different manufacturers and with healthcare agencies. His current role is focused on developing operational excellence across the DSI marketing organization in a broad set of initiatives from strategic planning to developing relationship marketing competencies and helping to transform the organization in response to a new emerging commercial environment, including the emerging need for improved integration of sales and managed markets in the commercial model.
John’s educational background includes degrees in biology, psychology as well as an MBA.