SMA in the Media

Linda Plush and Eleanor O'Rangers; "The Space Show" April 19, 2005

Petra A. Illig, KSKA, "Line One, Your Health Connection" December 11, 2006

Linda Plush featured in "Space Nursing Society Prepares for Future Flights" Debra Wood for, 2006:

Jim Logan; "The Space Show" July 3, 2007

Jim Logan; "The Space Show" July 15, 2008                               

Jim Logan featured in: "Meet you by the airlock." Paul Parsons, BBC Focus Magazine, July 2008, pages 25-28.

Jim Logan featured in The History Channel's "The Universe": Season 3, Episode 4: Sex in Space. Premiered December 2, 2008. This show was awarded the Space Frontier Foundation's "Best Presentation of Space Award" for 2009). For an excerpt from the show, see:

Petra Illig; "The Space Show" March 22, 2009

Jim Logan quoted in: "Staying Put on Earth, Taking a Step to Mars." Michael Schwartz, New York Times, published March 30, 2009.

Jim Logan; "The Space Show" October 16, 2009

Jim Logan & John Jurist; "The Space Show" May 16, 2010

Jim Logan; "Space Medicine and Telemedicine", May 18, 2010. Podcast downloadable at:

Jim Logan quoted in, "Sex In Space No Panacea for Conception Challenges, Says Former NASA Flight Surgeon." Bruce Dorminey. Forbes (January 23, 2013):

Eleanor O'Rangers and Linda Plush. "Travel Medicine Podcast", an interview spanning episodes 16, 17 and 18 (March 28, April 4, and April 28, 2015). Podcasts downloadable at:

Eleanor O'Rangers and Linda Plush. "Travel Medicine Podcast: Emergency at Corpates Base ‘Radio Serial’” Four episodes and debrief podcasts downloadable at:

Eleanor O'Rangers. "Travel Medicine Podcast Episode 311- Journal Club, Intergalactic Planet Queries (December 31, 2016)." Podcasts downloadable at:

Jim Logan quoted in, "Humans traveling to Mars may soon be possible but survival is a complete unknown, expert says." Michael Sheetz. (November 12, 2017):

Petra Illig quoted in, "Space X's Moon Loop Will Affect Passengers' Health- Here's How." Rachel Becker. The Verge (September 18, 2018):