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Space Medicine Associates, Inc. J. Michelle Edwards, Ph.D.


J. Michelle Edwards,Ph.D.                            Houston, TX

Dr. Edwards earned her Ph.D. in 2001 in neuroscience from The University of Texas Medical Branch.

Dr. Edwards assisted in the management of a small start-up biotechnology company in Houston, Texas until 2005, at which time she started as a Research Analyst at Futron Corporation, a NASA contractor. In early 2006, she became lead of a project investigating the application of risk assessment techniques to human health risks. The team eventually become a significant source of management support for both the Human Research Project and Space Life Sciences directorate. It provided information on the relative ranking of crew health risks as well as a framework to understand trade space, the effects of mitigations, and research gaps. The team also supported the development and implementation of the Human System Risk Board at NASA Johnson Space Center. This Board was developed to catalog, evaluate, and address the risks to humans in space.

In 2010, Dr. Edwards transitioned to technical support for JSC in their efforts to gather information on capabilities and facilities at the center. She supported data gathering, analysis, and developed recommendations based on the information obtained.

Dr. Edwards is the author of several papers detailing the efforts and progress of the risk assessment team. She is currently a consultant for a major oil company developing safety-related documents.